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Pledged Plugins – WooCommerce Payment Solutions

Pledged Plugins creates powerful plugins that enable you to easily extend your content management system or shopping cart platform to provide the functionality that you desire.

We provide products for a lot of different applications including the following popular platforms:


While this is an extremely powerful and useful CMS out of the box, the potential is limitless when you add plugin functionality. While there are a lot of free plugins and themes available from great developers within the WordPress community, paid and premium plugins are themes are typically much better as they are designed and developed with paid customers in mind. We produce only the highest quality WordPress plugins to extend the functionality you need to your WordPress platform.

WooCommerce – WordPress E-Commerce

This is one of our favorite shopping cart platforms as it is one of the oldest and most powerful e-commerce solutions for WordPress. This platform is very widely supported in the
WordPress community which makes it easy for even an entry level e-commerce entrepreneur to learn to use and modify.

Pledged Plugins is owned by a web development company with a lot of experience in producing e-commerce and other web solutions  is committed to delivering the highest quality plugins for many different types WordPress shopping cart platforms, user interfaces, and other web applications. While we have started our business by focusing by producing secure payment gateways for shopping cart platforms we have evolved in to a full service web application plugin provider.

Pledged Gateway Plugins for WooCommerce Subscriptions (Recurring Payments)

Other WooCommerce Payment Gateway Plugins