eProcessing Network Payment Gateway For Presta Shop


Start accepting credit card payments with your Presta Shop store today. Quickly and safely integrate your Presta Shop shopping cart platform with the eProcessing Network gateway with this extension.


eProcessing Network Payment Gateway For Presta Shop

[box type=”info”] Guaranteed to work on the latest version of Presta Shop[/box]

[box]Plugin is TLS 1.2 as required by ePN[/box]

This plugin extends the functionality of Presta Shop to accept payments from credit/debit cards using the eProcessing Network payment gateway.  This plugin enables you to use the eProcessing Network payment gateway to accept credit cards directly on your Presta Shop website without redirecting customers.


Easy Install

  1. Simply browse to your ‘modules & services’ section of your Presta Shop back office.
  2. Click on ‘Add A New Module’ on the upper right menu.
  3. Upload the module that you purchased from us. Be sure to click ‘Yes’ when Presta Shop asks to confirm.
  4. Browse to ‘Payment’ section of your Back Office and click on ‘Install’ on the gateway. From here you can then enable and configure the gateway.
  5. That is it. Just make sure that you have

SSL Security
This payment gateway allows you to accept credit cards directly on your website and therefor to remain PCI Compliant you must protect the checkout page with SSL. This module requires a functioning SSL environment to work properly.

Special EPN Instructions:
Within your EPN account: You must enable Authnet emulation and find your Restrict Key.

  1. Log in. Choose ‘Processing Control’ from the dropdown and click Go.
  2. Under Disabled Integrations you will need to UNCHECK the emulation to unblock it.
  3. Click the ‘Save Disabled Integrations’ button.
  4. IMPORTANT: This starts a security timer — Wait 15 minutes to process any transactions.
  5. Scroll to the ‘Advanced’ section. The Restrict Key will be in the text box to the right of a button labeled ‘Generate Restrict Key’. You can simply copy the key that is there.

System Requirements

Please be sure to have a recent version of PHP for your Presta Shop installation. At least version 5.5.19 is required for CURL to properly communicate with ePN.

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Compatible Browsers

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