XSS Vulnerability affects many popular WordPress plugins

Sucuri recently released an article identifying an XSS vulnerability found in many popular WordPress plugins. The functions were add_query_arg() and remove_query_arg() which are popular functions used by developers as a way to add and modify strings / URLs within WordPress. The documentation found within WordPress Codex was rather misleading and […]

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WooThemes Coupon

WooThemes Coupon It is February 2015 and time to really start working on some of our WordPress and WooCommerce projects. WooThemes has so many excellent extensions, plugins, and themes available that they are certainly a choice destination for purchasing things for our WooCommerce stores. The only problem is that a […]

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Thousands of WordPress websites affected by MailPoet vulnerability.

A recent vulnerability was identified within the popular MailPoet WordPress Plugin. The security group identified the exploit that allows an attacker to remotely upload any file to the vulnerable website with no authentication in place to prevent it. This is threatening vulnerability by a very popular WordPress plugin (over […]

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